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Rudra says the magical words of love to Myrah in Rangrasiya



It took Rudra long time to realise his love for Myrah but at last the day came when he confessed his feelings for the girl.

In the recent episode, we saw Rudra getting overdrunk and talking about love and pain. Rohit asks Rudra who he loves. Rudra gets up from his seat in an inebriated state and moves towards Myrah. He says “I love…” and then stops before Myrah and takes the bottle of alcohol from her hands, and finishes his sentence by saying, “I love my life.” While Myrah looks tensed to hear this statement, Rohit gets suspicious again.


Then after, Rudra brings a music system and starts playing songs on it. Rohit asks Myrah for a dance but she tries leaving. However, Rudra makes a statement which makes her stay back and dance with Rohit.


After dancing with Myrah for a few minutes, Rohit gets a phone call and goes to the other room to attend it. Meanwhile, Rudra takes advantage of the situation and begins dancing with Myrah.


He gets close to her starts revealing his inner feelings to her. He says that he can’t stand Rohit touching her. He goes on to say that he loves her deeply. Myrah, unable to respond to Rudra’s proposal, pushes him on the sofa. Rohit comes back and finds her giving a worried look. He gets tensed to see her and asks what was going on between Rudra and Myrah. Myrah laves the place, while Rohit questions Rudra if he was troubling her. Rudra becomes unconscious due to the effect of the alcohol.


Rohit then goes to see Myrah and asks her if she is sure about marrying him. Myrah tries putting his worries to rest and assures him that she will marry him.


The next day, Rudra wakes up from a hangover and Myrah gives him a glass of lemon water. Rudra apologises to her for what he said last night. Myrah asks if he is apologising for telling her he loves her.


He says he is not apologetic about telling her he loves her. He again tells her ‘I Love You’ and asks her to come to him forever. Myrah gets confused again and refuses by saying tht it is too late to come to him as she does not want to betray her best friend by not marrying him at the last moment.


Rudra assures her that he will handle everything for her sake. Myrah does not accept his statement and says what she will do if he starts finding Paro in her. Rudra replies that he won’t find Paro in her as he loves Myrah

Paro rejects Rudra’s proposal again and runs away. Maithili witnesses the scene and gets concerned for the duo. She goes to talk to Myrah and make her understand that she should go for Rudra and not suppress her feelings for him.


Later, we see Rohit coming back from some outdoor work and announcing that he went in search of a priest for the marriage rites. He says that his and Myrah’s parents want them to get married tomorrow. Rudra gets shocked and worried to hear this notice.


Now that Rudra has expressed commitment for Myrah, we’re sure that the couple will unite very soon. But how that will happen, we can’t wait to watch.

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