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Rohit Shetty directs Salman in Bigg Boss 8 promo


During the shots of Bigg Boss8 promo

During the shots of Bigg Boss8 promo

Rohit Shetty has earned the reputation of being the hit machine in Bollywood, thanks to his 100 crore films.


And after working with Shah Rukh Khan in Chennai Express, Rohit Shetty has now joined forces with Salman Khan. To put an end to your guesses, Rohit Shetty has directed Salman Khan, not in a film but for the promos of reality show Bigg Boss 8. The promos of Salman Khan in a pilot avatar in Bigg Boss 8 have become very popular and it is indeed Rohit Shetty who has called the shots for it.


Reportedly one of the most recent promos has Salman lying on a conveyor belt and talking about the contestants. This promo, which was shot at the Mumbai airport, was also done by Rohit Shetty.


The show will officially air from September 21 at 9 p.m.


Cashing in the presence of Salman Khan this year too, Bigg Boss 8 has lured its audience to gear up for the splash of entertainment once again.


The makers have released the fourth teaser of the controversial reality show where Salman can be seen building more anticipation around Bigg Boss 8 and its arrival.


The host of the show can be seen greeting the audience and informing them how interesting this season is going to be. ‘Welcome, swagatam…to my vimaan, jisme celebrities ko le jauga towards aasmaan…’ says Salman in the teaser.


Bigg Boss 8 teaser 1 revealed Salman Khan as the host of the show as he dresses up like a pilot and gives a salute. In the second teaser, he again silently makes a paper plane and flies it, continuing the mystery of being a pilot.


Then in the third teaser, Salman was seen making a riddle around Bigg Boss 8 and with the latest released promo, it is evident that the contestants have to deal with the theme of aircraft.


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