Ranveer to be rich from poor in Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi

Shakti Arora

Shakti Arora

TV show Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi will go in for a one-year leap after which Ranveer, played by Shakti Arora, will be seen as a rich man.


Shakti insists there is no last minute change in the track. He says, “It was something that was going to happen from the beginning. I will be transformed from a poor man to a rich man, who owns the mansion where he was once employed.” The actor, who has also been sporting a beard for some time, says, “I will now have a clean-shaven look. Besides, it will be good to play a rich man after playing the poor man. A rich guy exudes power and confidence, and it will be interesting to do something different from what I have been doing in the past 50 episodes.”


As per the current track Deesha drugs Ranveer and takes him to her room, with an intention to seduce him. Ranveer regains his senses and asks Deesha to let him go, but Deesha refuses to listen to her. Ranveer forces her off him and Deesha warns him that he will repent for rejecting her. Deesha looks at the scratches on her shoulder and arm and promises to take revenge on him.  Deesha sees both Ishaani and Ranveer with contempt and her hatred for them increases. Ranveer decides to speak to Harshad (Prithvi Sankhala) about the last night incident after the Ganapati pooja.


In upcoming episodes, Ishani will notice the mark on Ranveer. He will cover up by saying it’s done by cat. He realizes he can’t wait further and has to share it with Harshad immediately.  Harshad will call up Falguni to come over as it will soon be time for the afternoon Aarti. Disha will tell Falguni that Ranveer tried to rape her and that he loves Ishani and that’s why he made sure that Ishani and Chirag don’t get married. Falguni will walk out in a disbelieved state. Shiv and Anandi are asked to dance (Performance 3 by all the cousins in the family). Chirag will try to talk with Ishani and will talk. Harshad will see her discomfort and will ask Ranveer to take Ishani away and dance with her as he doesn’t want Chirag to feel that Ishani is all alone and as Ranveer is her best friend, Harshad wants him to take Ishani to dance. Ranveer will take Ishani away from Chirag and they will perform.

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