PC turns director on Zee Cinestars Ki Khoj



Zee Cinestar Ki Khoj

Sonali Bendre with Priyanka Chopra

Priyanka Chopra was on the sets of Cinestars Ki Khoj to promote her upcoming movie ‘Mary Kom‘. She asked the judges to nominate a contestant each, who would enact a sequence that would be directed by her. While Victor picked Syed Mamoon, Sonali Bendre and Anurag Basu chose Meenu Panchal and Oksana respectively.


The situation given to them was Mary Kom being denied a prize because she is a North-Eastern girl. The three gave their best and chose to depict anger in their own styles. Priyanka loved the way Oksana, who is from Azerbaijan, did her entire act in Hindi, even though she was given the choice of doing it in English. Giving them tips, the actress narrated an incident from her Barfi days, and said, “It is important for actors to not have any preconceived notions about the act or the situation, but to just let themselves go during their performance. During our Barfi shoot, all of us would be playing cricket before giving our shots and would be free-willed. As an actor, you should have faith in yourself and go with the flow.”


While everybody on the sets was surprised to see Priyanka eat continuously throughout the shoot, Basu said he’d experienced this side of PeeCee before! Sharing an anecdote from the sets of Barfi!, he said, “I remember one day, she had called for 3 Paranthas for breakfast and a 12 inch pizza and ended up gulping down all of it by herself at the shoot, not sharing a morsel with anybody.”


Adding further, he said, “Even if I drink water, it ends up turning into butter in my stomach. Wonder how none of what she eats shows up on Priyanka!” While the entire unit was shocked at the revelation, Priyanka burst out laughing.

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