Parekh family lose their high status in Meri Aashiqui Tumse Hi

Meri Aashiqui Tumse Hi

Meri Aashiqui Tumse Hi

In a one-hour special episode of Meri Aashiqui Tumse Hi takes a leap of two years and Hansa Parekh’s family has to face cashless days.


As per the earlier episodes, Ranveer was accused of attempting to rape Disha, the whole family insults Ranveer and his parents. Ishani, dumbstruck, cannot believe that Ranveer can do such things and has feelings for her. She asks him to tell the truth that if he loves her. And as Ranveer cannot lie, he tells, he has loved her since childhood. But also clears that his love has always been one-sided and has never expected anything from Ishaani.


The friendship and bond they had for so many years break into pieces with Ranveer’s truth. Everybody now blames him for breaking up off Ishani and Chirag’s engagement. Ishaani too feels that Ranveer falsely imposed a bad image of Chirag to break the engagement.


Ishaani’s cousins beat up Ranveer and adding fuel to the fire, Baa too gangs up and adds spice to Ranveer’s misery. Ranveer gets beaten up black and blue. Even his parents are not spared. And Baa insults their poor status and smears mud on Ranveer’s mother’s face. After a few while, she retorts back saying, a time will come when God will punish them for blaming a good soul like Ranveer who had always thought of their well-being and protected them from all harm.


Ranveer and his parents are jailed, and even there they are not spared from getting thrashed. While the next day they are bailed out, and on the day of Ganpati visarjan, Ranveer’s mom vows to get back at their tormentors with help of God’s true guidance. And poor Ishaani, who thinks Chirag was wronged, goes and begs him to take her back! And as per Chirag’s plan, they get engaged again!


Flash forward 2 years

It’s Ganesh Chaturthi and Baa is shown in a simple cotton sari with no jewelry. Everybody talks of them going bankrupt. But Baa doesn’t stoop low, as she pre-invites everybody to her ‘only’ granddaughter’s wedding. When everybody thinks it’s Ishaani’s wedding as she is already engaged since past two years, Baa reveals that Ishaani is on waiting list as prospective groom of Disha will come to see her.


In next instance we see Ishaani working in a marketing job begging for an advance of salary, she is curtly refused by her boss. This also reveals that she and her cousin are the only earning members of the family. Even Ishaani’s mom pesters her for bringing the advance money home.


Another, suspense is revealed in form of death of Ishaani’s father. Hence, now Falguni has to deal with Baa directly. The Parekh mansion has been seized by the court. While Baa thinks that they’ll get back the house and their old respect, news of the house getting auctioned comes out.

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