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No water, no food in Bigg Boss House on Day 2

Bigg Boss

Day2 in Bigg Boss House

Yestaday’s episode starts with Upen motivating a sleepy Gautam to stay awake. So, that they doesn’t lose the task. He sprinkles a few drops of water to prevent Gautam from falling into sleep. The men fought hard to pass every moment of the dark night.

Finally, dawn arrives and they congratulate each other for succeeding in the task. But twists don’t end there. During the day, when the contestants look for water, they find the water taps empty. Meanwhile, Bigg Boss informs the Secret Society to handover new work for the contestants. The Secret Soceity tells the contestants to pull up their socks for the Paseene Ki Kurbani (sacrificing sweat) task to earn water and pick Sukirti and Minissha to accomplish it.

The inmates are told that they will continue to get water during the day as long as the chosen girls continue to cycle in the garden area.

Praneet jokes with his fellow contestantss by speaking a dialogue from the film ‘Sholay’ – “Basanti In Kutton Ke Samne Mat Nachana”. He names Sukirti as Basanti No. 1 and Minissha as Basanti No. 2.

Both Minissha and Sukirti begin the task with enthusiasm by singing Hindi songs. Meanwhile, a Gautam goes to sleep by lying down on the floor of the aircraft.

As the girl start cycling, the inmates feel relieved to get the water flowing through the taps. They begin their daily chores happily and get ready to face the day.

Around 10.30 am, Minissha and Sukirti hit the bicycle again after resting for some time. But, to their dismay, they find it difficult pedalling the cycle. Sukirti gets up and goes seeking help from the inmates inside the aircraft. She asks for help in the matter which irks Upen. He argues that she should not be asking him to do anymore work as he is already weary after staying awake all night. Sukirti tries explaining to him that she was not specifically asking him to help her but was eager to have anyone help her. Upen dismisses Sukirti’s reply but later he makes up with her. However, Sukirti breaks down into tears remembering Upen’s rude attitude. Taking notice of her tears, Praneet tries consoling her but Upen comments that she is faking it and over reacting.

A cranky Gautam is unable to sleep as part of the Bigg Boss rule of no sleep in daytime, and he is pulled out by Arya for some sage advice. Arya tries calming down Gautam but the latter dismisses him by saying that he is fresh after a good night’s sleep and that is why offering counsel to him without understanding the situation. Arya shares a hug with Gautam to soothe his nerves.

The Secret Society notice Gautam’s unreasonable mannerism and tag his action as plain drama.

Around late afternoon, the Bigg Boss again makes an announcement about the 2nd task, which was named Bhojan Ki Kurbani (sacrificing food). As a rule, the chosen volunteers have to skip their meals till they get a go-ahead from the Secret Society to eat.

Lest they fail to do so, every inmate has to bear the consequences of their error. Praneet agrees to volunteer for the task reasoning that he will be anyway fasting through the day due to religious observances. Then, the housemates ask Arya to be the second member and he readily agrees. However, the Secret Society decides turns things around again by swapping Praneet with Soni to make it more challenging.

As dusk sets in, Bigg Boss asks the Secret Society to give the third task to the contestants which is Chalne Ki Kurbani (sacrifice walking). As a part of the task, the chosen contestants won’t be allowed to walk and stand still holding a certain posture wearing mud pack on their hands, face and legs.

The Secret Society corners Diandra and Sushant for the task due to their affinity for wearing make-up and moving around.

The duo accepts the task and stand on a table in the garden area while the rest of the members sit down watching them and making fun all along.

The Secret Society notices Sonali getting chatty with Gautam to take him into confidence. They conclude that Sonali’s action indicate her fear of getting evicted as she is not so confident about saving herself from the nominations.

Late at night, a hungry for food Arya was seen bitching about Sonali with Karishma, and satiating himself by gossiping instead, while taking a walk with her in the corridor. He was captured in the cameras complaining about Sonali trying to provoke his anger by nit-picking him.

Karishma gave a few solutions to Arya to deal with it and reasoned that Sonali could be trying to pull his leg.

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