Zindagi brings Indians closer to Pakistani Drama

Aunn Zara and Zindagi Gulzar Hai
Aunn Zara and Zindagi Gulzar Hai

After I watched ‘zindagi gulzaar hai’ on the newly launched channel Zee Zindagi and I must say what a variation. The show is swift with the story with no over dramatisation and top volume background score. Reminded me of old Indian television shows like banega apni baat were produced- when the sets used to be normal and not some lavish piece of art work. When the characters used to wear normal clothing and not overloaded with heavy designer clothes and jewels.

The plots of the shows of Zindagi are completely new. Unlike regular Indian TV saas bahu shows, most of the stories of the shows from Zindagi are generated from the works of award-winning novelists and literary stalwarts of Pakistan. The content is also designed in a way to make it more relevant to the Indian audience.

With the launch of Zee Network’s Zindagi TV channel on 23 June 2014, Indians are being treated to the best of new-age Pakistani TV dramas on offer. Hum TV’s booming success Zindagi Gulzar Hai and A-Plus’ Aun Zara have earned much praise and appreciation in Indian newspapers and social media, with the former going on air on public demand.


Indians have loved Pakistani serials on video streaming sites. Zindagi helped by bringing the Indian audience closer. Indian audience is bored of watching the same melodramatic serials again and again. The shows are visual treat for Indian audience.


Not raising any question on the talent of Indian television, I am sure they are capable of producing even better near to life shows but they seem to have lost their track after the stupid infestation by Ekta Kapoor.


The point is that with the tagline ‘Jodey Dilon Ko’, Zindagi TV is fast becoming a platform radiating Pakistani art and culture to a receptive Indian audience. Zindagi channel were shattering misconceptions and stereotypes about Pakistan and Pakistani society. The reasons success of Pakistan TV shows in India are the number of fixed episodes, their closeness to reality, nicely-woven sub-plots, and a brilliant supporting cast.


Zindagi’s content would undoubtedly mark a new beginning for cultural exchanges between India and other countries. India and Pakistan share many common sensibilities culturally. Family, religion, economics, music, politics, even the weather plays the same role in our societies. The effect of modern day culture and westernisation and the dichotomy between traditional and modern is also growing in the same way. Given the situation between India and Pakistan, this channel would initiate a different direction towards peace between the two nations.

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