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Yudh review 06 Aug 2014

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Amitabh Bachchan

Episode 15 of Yudh has lots and lots of conspiracies which make the episode thrilling.

It started off with Taruni seeking reassurance from her boyfriend about conducting the surgery. She has neither the training for that surgery nor the qualification to do. As usual, since she is a supporting character of the show and the character has a hero quality, she goes on to conduct the surgery. Taruni has a lot of apprehension. It is hard to digest that Yudh could not able to manage for an alternative surgeon. But common, it is a fiction.

Aside from the fact that Taruni’s surgical mask was hanging from her left ear, Yudh has come back to the fore-front. There was one really heart-felt scene where we see Yudh, in a moment of utter honesty, admits that it has all become a-bit-much for him and regretting some of his choices.

The episode ended with an army attack on the Naxalite group base, for which Rishi may or may not have been a cause. Rishi is upset that his informant friend from the Naxalite group has passed away. This scene, in particular held a lot of drama that the actor failed to reciprocate.

All in all, this episode was as average as it has been in the last few episodes. I’m looking forward to the Mona story since I have become quite intrigued by the character of Kapil. Kapil’s character is too weird to anticipate anything.

Apart from that, Yudh and Anand’s relationship and Anand’s loyality are something I’m curious about.
Looking forward how the show is getting ended because all the sub-plots are getting too entancled.

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