Yudh review 30 Jul 2014

Rishi with Yudh

Rishi with Yudh

Episode 11 of Yudh is the most unhappening one till now. It is more like the finale episode where almost everything got solved.

The episode revolves around how the minister knew that Yudh didn’t have any hand in the village-fire and was still planning to frame Yudh for it. Anand receives a call from someone unknown and unknown fellow informs him that naxals are behind the blast and State intelligence has passed memo to the government. Before the news channel telecast the news about the memo.

However, the episode did have some nice emotional undertones. Mona’s desperation in regard to her brother-in-law’s case was showcased. Kapil got arrested as Smriti was still missing. Mona confesses the truth to her family but no one supports her. Mona performance is too good. Rishi decides to follow the step of his father. Episode to episode, Mona’s character is evolving and it is turning one of interesting facet of the plot.
There really wasn’t much material in this episode and we hope it is a set-up for something bigger for the coming episodes. It can turn into a smart move on the part of the show makers to get such episodes in between to help tell the story in a wholesome  new fashion.

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