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Jodha Akbar 16 Jul 2014

Jodha Akbar

Jodha Akbar


Jodha Akbar, 16 Jul 2014:The episode starts with Jodha’s inspiring words. Jodha asks all the women to join her in the fight. She told they will die as brave women and not be disgraced or die as cowards.   Little Rahim is the first one to join her. Ruqaiya Begum wonders whether she is weaker than Rahim.  Ruqaiya says that she will fight with her knowledge of bow and arrow. One after another, all the Begums and other females of ‘haram’ join Jodha in the fight. On other side, Abul Mali sends his messenger to ask the begums to hurry up or they will not be spared. Hameeda (Akbar’s mother) is worried about little Rahim’s safety. Salima carries Rahim in her piggy bag. Hameeda is impressed with her love for the land.

Benazir’s baandie Zakira says she does not know the use of weapons but knew how to prepare poison to kill enemy. She prepares the poison for the enemy. All begums shout in unison.

Nigar talks to wounded Akbar in prison. Jalal tries to convince Nigar that she was the descendants of Humayun. But Nigar accuses him of imprisoning her mother. She warns Akbar if he did not reveal the location of her mother, she would kill all his Begums.

Mali’s forces come to harem tent and his soldiers beat Mughal soldiers and kill them. Mali announces that what you thought that I will keep waiting for you, you all still have time, I can give you back your lives. Ruqaiya comes outside and points arrow towards Mali. She says Jalal’s wives don’t bow down to cheap people like you. Mali says attack, all wives come outside. Jodha fights with sword, other wives throws hot water, spicy water and poison at Mali’s soldiers, soon they all fall on ground. One soldier says to Mali that these women are great fighters, they have such weapons which we have never listened, neither have we seen them. Maham is also involved in sword fighting. Resham is also fighting with them. Jiji and Hamida are throwing hot spices. Mali corners Ruquaiya. He says now I will break your ego. He throws her arrow weapon. She warns him not to come near me. Mali tries to touch her but Jodha comes in between and says it was your big mistake to caste wrong eye on ‘haram’. Jodha fights with Mali. She throws his sword and brings him on his knees. She points her sword at his neck and says women are not anyone’s property; they give themselves to the man whom they love. Jodha  what you said that you will get peace when we will come to you, now I will get the peace when I take revenge from the one who thinks women are weak, now your palace’s women will come to our palace and that too on their will as nobody wants to live with a creature like you. Mali falls on ground.

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Sonam Kapoor, Alia Bhatt and Arjun Kapoor are in promo video for TV show