Bade Achhe Lagte Hain

Bade Ache Lagate Hai

Ram & Sakshi


The Story focuses on how misunderstandings destiny contrives to get Ram and Priya married and after the marriage Ram and Priya slowly start developing feelings for each other. Both go for a honeymoon to Australia. Finally they both fall in love with each other, They spend moments with each other facing with excitements, happiness and daily life problem.

Slowly love blossoms between the two and they consume their marriage. Life moves ahead and both of them cannot live without each other but destiny creates problems between the two and both are separated. Story moves ahead and the show takes a 5 years leap.

Ram is in Mumbai and Priya has moved to Dubai and has a daughter Peehu. And Everyone feels that Priya is died. But Priya somehow reaches Mumbai and Ram is shocked to see her lady love alive and asks for custody of her daughter as she has kept unknown for 5 years with Ram


Yudh review 14 Jul 2014
Bade Achhe to end with Ram-Sakshi taking marital vows
4.0 Has moments
  • Cast 7
  • Story 3
  • Speed (Anti Drag Factor) 1
  • Music 5
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