Dancing not about being size zero Dil Se Naachein winner

Dil Se Naachein Indiawaale

Dil Se Naachein Indiawaale

Weight and body size has nothing to do with being a good dancer, says Priyanka Mydeo, a member of the Mumbai-based group which has won dance reality show “Dil Se Naachein Indiawaale”.

Priyanka faced criticism about her pudginess before she enrolled for the Zee TV show. But she is glad that the victory of her team — which includes Vipul and Gaurav — has managed to prove her point emphatically.

“Yes, I’m fat and I do want to lose weight, but I don’t like it when people think that fat people can’t dance. There are instances when I told people ‘I’m a professional dancer’ and they appeared to be shocked. Dance has nothing to do with size and weight,” Priyanka told IANS on phone from Mumbai after winning the Zee TV show.

Priyanka was initially embarrassed about her weight, but the spunky dancer has got a boost after winning the show. She says “dancing is all about learning and not being size-zero or 36 (waistline)”.

Priyanka is also glad that people concentrated on her dance in the TV show, instead of picking on her because of her weight.

“There were a lot of people coming to me and saying ‘Oh my god, when I saw you I was like she is so fat, but she can do a lot more than me’,” she said. 

The run towards the trophy was not easy for Priyanka who has undergone three surgeries.

“Out of the three surgeries, two were due to a personal problem that still persist. Two were for an ovarian cyst and one was a knee surgery. Around three or four years back, I fell while dancing and my knee had to be surgically fixed.

“I could not dance for around a year. The show has boosted my confidence and I want to do a lot more of dancing,” Priyanka said.

Although the show was all about dancing from the heart and not just technique, Priyanka has taken training from Shiamak Davar and Terence Lewis.

“Dance has always been my passion,” said Priyanka.

Other members of the group Vipul and Gaurav also helped Priyanka inch towards victory. Along with the trophy, the group has won a car and Rs.10 lakh, which will be divided among the three.

“I am from Mumbai and the boys are from Chandigarh. They used to come to Mumbai for dance show auditions. It was during one such audition that we met. We started talking and dancing together. Then this show came along and we decided to be a part of it,” Priyanka said.

The feeling of triumph is yet to seep in Priyanka, who was also applauded by the show’s judges — the cast of “Happy New Year”. They loved her lively and energetic performances.

“I can’t believe that I have won the show. But the trophy is there to remind me that it’s not a dream,” she said.

After winning the show, Priyanka now wants to take her passion for dance a step forward by starting dance classes. She also wants to try her luck in acting.

“I am up for any role but I think I would enjoy doing comedy. I would really want to work with Bharti Singh,” she said.

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