Aditya Redij Shweta Munshi to leave Bandhan



Actor Aditya Redij and actress Shweta Munshi, who portray the roles of Mahesh and Prabha, respectively, in “Bandhan”, will bid adieu to the Zee TV show soon.

Set in a small village in Maharashtra, the show revolves around the bond that a family of a forest ranger shares with a baby elephant named Ganesh. 

The show, which began Sep 16, is ready for a twist where the brother-sister relationship of a little girl Darpan (played by Ananya Agarwal) and an elephant calf will grow stronger without her parents — Mahesh and Prabha, essayed by Aditya and Shweta, respectively.

Speaking on his exit from the show, Aditya said in a statement: “It was a delightful journey to act as a forest ranger, gelling up well with the elephant calf. Even all of my co-actors were very supportive.”

Shooting in a forest location and spending most of the time away from his home for months was a challenge for Aditya, but made it a memorable experience for him too.

For Shweta, the “beautiful family” they made on the set will remain as a “sweet memory”.

“Aditya Redij, Darpan and the elephant calf were very cordial warm co-actors,” she said.

Their exit will be shown with a death scene in the episode to be aired Tuesday.

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