Super Nani Review

It seems that Super Nani isn’t a perfect ode to the neglected female community who is shut down to the four walls. It should have given a better outlook on importance of women in our society, upgrading from the late 80’s and 90’s formula.

Starring Rekha, Sharman Joshi, Randhir Kapoor, Shweta Kumar, Anupam Kher, Rajesh Kumar the movie is directed by Indra Kumar and the music by Harshit Saxena, Sanjeev-Darshan.

Indra Kumar should have come out of the plot which is traced back to decades when he made Beta which was a trend in that era.  But taking a similar plot and executing it now wouldn’t help Supper Nanni to reach upto its expectations.

The movie commence with Bharti Bhatia (Rekha) doing all sorts of work in home which includes pampering her kids and grand children. She works with full heart and loves her family alot. But with time all her hard work is taken for granted and Bharati feels deeply hurt with it. With the entrance of Manorath (Sharman Joshi) Bharti’s grandchild, the twist begins in the movie. He realizes the abuse and insult through which his Nani is going through. The story continues with how will Manorath helps his Nanni out and make the family realize the value of a lady who gave her entire life nourishing them.

Though the movie has been made with lot of heart and emotions, Indra Kumar’s ‘Super Nani’, it fails reach out to the viewers somehow.  The movie is so predictable that it becomes it greatest drawback and too uch melo drama which melodrama which worked two decades back when family drama movies were most served in Bollywood.

Although such kind of treatment is still prevailing against women, the way it is presented is way old- fashioned to be imagined. It is hard to digest that a grandma out of persuasion by her grandchild reworks on her entire attair and flirts around with a movie director (Anupam Kher). Neither the heart rendering scenes like Bharti being taunted by her grand kids and husband nor the jokes could do well among the viewers as expected.

One-liners hardly make any difference in the movie but the ‘gyaan baazi’ goes on till the end. The evergreen Rekha looks gorgeous such an ageless beauty who carries her persona amazingly which could be one reason up for this movie. She plays an innocent, loving and caring Nani with immense responsibility. Sharman Joshi as a guide to his Grandma has done great. Anupam Kher tickles funny bone as a filmmaker. Randhir Kapoor as Rekha’s on screen husband has few good scenes. Debutant Shweta Kumar is good.

But sadly all performances are hit hard by the weak screenplay in the movie.

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