Harrison Ford joins flying club in Britain

Harrison Ford

Harrison Ford

London, Oct 16 (IANS) Actor Harrison Ford is keeping up his love of aviation during his time in Britain by joining a local flying club.

Ford, who is currently filming the new “Star Wars” movie in Buckinghamshire, England, signed up with the Shropshire Aero Club and hired a plane from the organisation over the weekend, reports contactmusic.com.

Ford, 72, has rented an Aviat Husky propeller plane until mid-November, and has become an honorary lifetime member of the organisation.

The club’s chief flying instructor Bob Pooler, who delivered the plane to the actor close to Pinewood Studios, told a British newspaper: “Harrison Ford owns a couple of Huskys in the US, so he wanted to rent and fly one while over here. We happened to have one for rent.

“He phoned me up last Friday and left me a message. So I flew down on Sunday, did a check ride with him and got him to become a member because he has to be covered by our insurance.

“I delivered the aircraft to Denham Aerodrome, just 10 minutes away from Pinewood Studios where the movie is being filmed… After he left me on Sunday I think he was going to visit friends on their grass strips (landing strips).”

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